We were thrilled to work with a Garden Designer to deliver this beautiful garden

Garden Design in Broad Hinton

Garden Overhaul

We are very pleased to showcase this transformed oasis in Broad Hinton, a complete garden overhaul that’s as breathtaking as it is functional. Spearheaded by the creative genius of Jill Blackwood and executed with precision by our team at IJT Landscaping, this project was a true labor of love.

Picture this: an entertainment area that beckons gatherings and celebrations, seamlessly blending with nature. Ascend the steps and behold the outdoor office, a tranquil space where productivity meets serenity. But before we could bring this vision to life, we had to move mountains—or rather, around 200 tonnes of earth—to sculpt the landscape to perfection.

And let’s talk about those views! From every angle, nature’s splendor takes center stage, providing an ever-changing backdrop that enchants and inspires. Completed in 2023, this garden refurbishment project showcases our dedication to crafting outdoor spaces that captivate the senses and elevate everyday living.


Location: Broad Hinton

Year Completed: 2023

Category: Residential

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